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How smart home technology made my home more accessible - GetRwanda Technology
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How smart home technology made my home more accessible


Illustration by Adrián Astorgano

When it comes to smart home technology, what many reviewers and users may see as convenience, other people see as accessibility. In other words, using one’s phone or voice to flip a light switch may be convenient for you because you don’t need to get up. For me and other disabled people, this makes it accessible.

The best illustration of this concept involves the AmazonBasics microwave. The Alexa-powered device (which, as far as can be determined, has not been available for sale for over a year) was admittedly a bit gimmicky. Why would you want to talk to your microwave to heat your food? The controls are right there. But while it is true that the microwave is pretty mediocre — my partner constantly bemoans how small and…

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