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Digital innovation in SA should be maximized to enhance resilience and grow business revenue in the global digital economy


The need for greater digital transformation within South Africa’s business landscape can be a tricky concept to grasp, as the digital landscape is decentralised and ephemeral. As a nation, however, we cannot hand-wave the need for progress because we are comfortable with the status quo; unless built on a solid foundation of continual progress, the future of our digital economy will not be kind to South African businesses as they become increasingly forced to play catch up with the rest of the world.

The push for a continued and widespread transformation of digital systems, spaces, and practices will remain a critical undertaking, as the cumulative and amplifying effect of investing in digital capabilities stands to benefit South African consumers and businesses alike.

Agility and flexibility during an economic downturn

“For businesses specifically, continued digital transformation and innovation can promote greater agility, unlock and promote operational efficiency, enable the ability to implement new business models, and expose companies to new markets” shares Jacques Jordaan, Co-Founder and CEO at Specno.

“This bears significant consequence when a long-term downturn in any market begins to stress and strain a business, ultimately requiring that a business adapt or liquidate to ensure its longevity in the face of looming macroeconomic hardships. This kind of evolution is not limited to patching leaks, as a flexible digital system allows for proactive exploration of potential new businesses (such as through venture building), thereby future-proofing a company in an unpredictable world. Alternatively, companies can use tech to find new customers as well” says Jordaan.

One avenue for finding new customers is by reaching new communities, and, in this regard, tech solutions shine as they are generally not restricted by geography. And for consumers, greater access to products and services is always a boon.

Address inefficiencies to prime business for growth

Even for the most dynamic and elastic of businesses, operational inefficiency and the associated costs have the power to scupper any hard-earned momentum and growth. Inefficient daily processes, whether those of business partners or vendors, stand to erode our businesses around the edges and cede power to competitors waiting to scoop up this clientele.

Luckily, virtually anything can be automated or streamlined, and percentages saved here and there all help to make South African businesses leaner and more competitive.

For customers, the march towards greater digital transformation across the business landscape results in a steady trickle of benefits: a greater diversification of products and services, lower costs (which would otherwise be passed on to consumers), and an overall improved customer experience.

“We should not limit the positive impact that digital innovation can have in South Africa” concludes Jordaan.

Business leaders and decision-makers must ensure they are taking a proactive and progressive approach to their digital transformation journey if they want to promote continued investment and lead their respective industries by example in embracing the importance of digital infrastructure in our country.


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Specno is a leading provider of world-class technical solutions that help businesses effectively address and manage their challenges to improve efficiency, profit margins, and growth. Specno are pioneers in digital innovation and are committed to driving creative problem-solving for business success in South Africa and across the globe. Their website is available here: https://www.specno.com/

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