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Bolt Debuts in Botswana, Grants Six-Month Commission Waiver for Drivers


Bolt, the Estonian ride-hailing company, is set to make its debut in Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, entering a market currently dominated by its sole competitor, inDrive.

Bolt has announced that it will waive its standard commission fees for drivers, typically ranging from 15% to 20% of the ride fare, for the next six months as part of its latest rollout. The company has already onboarded 100 drivers as of now.

Bolt’s recent launch in Botswana marks yet another milestone in the company’s strategic expansion across southern Africa. In the past six months alone, Bolt has successfully launched its services in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. Botswana now stands as the 14th African country to welcome Bolt since its initial debut in South Africa back in 2016.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our services in Botswana,” stated Laurent Koerge, Head of Expansion at Bolt. “Our goal is to boost driver earnings while stimulating demand with competitive pricing.”

Bolt has recently made its debut in the burgeoning ride-hailing market of Botswana, a sector poised for significant expansion. However, the platform faces a tough operating landscape in this region. inDrive was the pioneer in exploring Botswana’s market, having initiated operations five years ago. Prior to Bolt’s entry, inDrive stood as the sole ride-hailing service provider in the country.

Despite its surge in popularity, the rise of inDrive reflects a growing demand for ride-hailing services in the country. However, the platform has encountered various hurdles, such as allegations of driver misconduct and resistance from public transport providers.

Bolt offers a range of safety features for both riders and drivers in Botswana. These include an SOS button for instant contact with the police, a driver unmatching option to prevent unwanted pairings, and a “share my ride” feature for real-time ride information sharing. Additionally, all drivers on the platform must possess the necessary licenses mandated by local regulators. By implementing these features, Bolt aims to tackle the safety and misconduct issues prevalent in the ride-hailing industry in Botswana.

In early 2023, Bolt revealed its ambitious strategy to inject more than €500 million into the African market. A key facet of this initiative involved providing employment prospects for over 300,000 driver partners. With a formidable presence in 45 countries worldwide, Bolt caters to a staggering 150 million customers and collaborates with a vast network of over 3 million drivers.



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